[Repost] Introducing MOLT

Introducing MOLT –  a Leadership Development Initiative for Senior Managers. Rooted in the principles of “Natural Learning” and powered by the perfect medium – Theatre, we believe MOLT will revolutionise Leadership Development.

In today’s corporate environment, a leader is expected to play many roles – boss, peer, subordinate, expert, advisor, friend, among others. The most important ability for leaders to deliver on all these roles is flexibility. Flexibility requires one to break the existing patterns of behaviour. We call it the ability to MOLT.

The methodology behind design of MOLT turns the training design principles on it’s head. Rather than look at the competencies and behaviours we want the leaders to develop, we leave that completely to the participants. MOLT provides an environment which challenges the limits of what can be achieved based on current behaviours. The program also provides them access to tools to break through their current behaviours. After that, it is up to each participant to break through their own limiting behaviours and perceptions and create new behaviours which help then achieve the goal. It is common, or rather expected, that different participants will develop different abilities in the same program. Each participant will develop the ability that is needed for them to take their performance to the next level.

We use the medium of Theatre for the training. The choice, as explained in an earlier post, is because Theatre is all about “Natural Learning”. More importantly, if the corporate teams could start working together like a Theatre team, the results will be stupendous. Nothing will be beyond the reach of the team just like no professional Theatre group has a flop show. The team members do whatever needs to be done to make the shows happen.

MOLT is brought to you by three key players – a theatre group with unparalleled training expertise, a human resource expert with deep understanding of leadership competencies and development program, and a practicing leader who also has a long experience of Theatre. It’s been almost two years in the making and we are sure it’s worth the wait. It’s time to beat the “Monday Syndrome” starting this Monday.

MOLT is an opportunity to prepare your leadership team for the next show – an Encore, at the next level of performance. Reach out to us at rajeev@floatstone.in or visit our website to join this unique leadership development journey.

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