Stress induced diseases – the source as per Yoga

Yoga Therapy – Understanding the source of stress induced disease

I am overwhelmed with the response to my earlier post on Yoga Therapy. Numerous people have contacted me after reading the post and some have either joined the Therapy sessions already or have planned it for a later date. I now want to get into some details of how this therapy works. I will start with understanding the sources of disease in this post and then follow it up with how Yoga Therapy addresses the psychosomatic (stress related) diseases. I will then get into details of how this therapy works for some of the ailments where I have good understanding.

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[Repost] Introducing MOLT


Introducing MOLT –  a Leadership Development Initiative for Senior Managers. Rooted in the principles of “Natural Learning” and powered by the perfect medium – Theatre, we believe MOLT will revolutionise Leadership Development.

In today’s corporate environment, a leader is expected to play many roles – boss, peer, subordinate, expert, advisor, friend, among others. The most important ability for leaders to deliver on all these roles is flexibility. Flexibility requires one to break the existing patterns of behaviour. We call it the ability to MOLT. Continue reading “[Repost] Introducing MOLT”

[Repost] Revisiting Leadership

What is Leadership? It is important that we dwell into this enquiry before we can apply Theatre based techniques to Leadership Development. I must confess that I am just a student of Leadership and it is a fairly complex subject, in my opinion. So, I will rely on the experts.
Warren Bennis is widely regarded as a pioneer of the contemporary field of Leadership Studies. In his famous book “On Leadership”, he wrote

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

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[Repost] The perfect “Natural Learning” medium


The hunt is now on for the perfect medium to design and conduct “Natural Learning” programs. Transformational training programs that do not suffer from the “Monday Syndrome”. Programs where the focus is on individuals identifying their personal barriers and going beyond them to elevate their performance in the organisation, across all the roles they are expected to perform. In short, the perfect medium to translate the roles expected from leaders in organisations into reality. Continue reading “[Repost] The perfect “Natural Learning” medium”