[Repost] New Challenges, New Creation

I am passionate about business acceleration. The one thing that excites me the most is altering the slope of business growth, anti-clockwise. I have encountered and addressed various challenges to make this happen for the companies I have worked for and for my clients. I have offered numerous offerings to them – Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Process Reengineering, IT systems, Organisation Design, etc. These have also yielded fantastic results.

There is a challenge that has eluded me till now though – how to alter the way people behave in an organisation to fulfil on the created future. A future with a much steeper growth. I have used all the available knowledge in the Human Resources domain to deal with this but the results have been limited. In the beginning, it seems like it’s working. People are excited, motivated, and enthusiastic. One week, one month, one year later is a different experience though. It all seems to have been in vain. Some change happened for sure but it’s nothing compared to what was required to realise the new vision.

I have never acknowledged it openly as I never had access to deal with it. Better under the carpet than out in the open. Now, however, I have discovered a whole new access to dealing with this challenge – altering the behaviour of people in an organisation to fulfil on the created future.

It’s time now for a new creation to manage the new challenges. I will be posting more details daily over the next week as I create something new with you. Watch this space…

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