[Repost] Leaders Create High Performers

I am reposting a video shot by a Rishi Modi, a dear friend of mine, a few months ago. In this video,  I discuss what I believe are four key steps for leaders to create high performers in their organisations.

Potential is a Myth

As discussed in the video, I strongly believe that potential is a myth. There are numerous cases where there is a drop in performance of supposedly “high potential” and vice versa. I believe that all human beings have the same potential and that is unlimited.

If you were to follow through with my assumption, the next question then would be what determines performance? Performance definitely ranges from mediocre to extraordinary. There are definitely many different factors but right now I am focussing on the ones which leaders can access to impact the performance of their team.

How Leaders can create High Performers

I have shared in the video that the steps for leaders to create high performers are:

  1. Believing that each and every person had the potential to be extraordinary: This may sound simplistic and one may even think that it is mostly done but my experience is different. While leaders may externally say that every person has unlimited potential, they usually “map” everyone in their head. This may sound harmless but it is not. A simple example is that when leaders have a challenging task, itis usually given to people they think are extraordinary. You can guess the impact this has on the other team members.
  2. Creating a customised training and development plan: Every company has this, right? Wrong! What we have now are standard training programs with a one size fits all approach. This has limited impact in my opinion. What is really required is for the leaders to work through the detailed training and development requirement of their team members and then figure out how to fulfill those. This may be a mix of standard training within the company, specific external training, on the job training, and specific challenging assignments.
  3. Providing support to fulfill on their plans: The excitement of training programs dies down within a week or maximum a month. That does not mean the program are not effective. It just means that leaders need to support their team members who return with these  great ideas to actually create a roadmap and fulfill their plans. This handholding will make the training valuable and give multi-fold results
  4. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate: Finally, it is important to appreciate people at every possible opportunity. This is a strange asymmetry – all of like to be appreciate but are stingy to give out appreciation. People are likely to fail frequently when they strive for higher performance. The least we can do is appreciate them when they succeed.

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