Why this Blog – Exploring the Maximum?

Everyone has a different answer to this question and mine is “Exploring the Maximum”. The question is – What is at the core of Human Beings that drives them to the edge of everything and then beyond?

The endless loop of progress

The first indication of this is the endless loop of progress. Every generation believes that they have made tremendous progress and the pace seems to be ever increasing. There is no end in sight. So what is this progress, this need to keep improving everything around us, for?

While the instinct to do this might be evolutionary, the core drive for this endless loop of progress is a deep seated desire to explore the maximum. The maximum in everything – physical strength, mental ability, knowledge, etc.

Each generation reaches new heights in physical feats – speed of running, ability to climb mountains, lifting weights, and so on. Same is true for mental ability – IQ is increasing by 3 points every decade. One word for knowledge – Google.

The interesting thing though is that the general belief is that we are just about starting in all these aspects as a species and there is much more to come. Sure, there is, and there always will be.

Joining the Journey

I was sitting alone contemplating a question that often came up for me but would always be brushed aside. The question was – “What will my life be about?”. It sounds simple but as I examined the answers that I had, they were not al all inspiring. I looked at all the good work I had done over the last 25 years and was struggling to find the common thread. What connects it all that also inspires me?

That’s when the answer hit me. It’s exploring the maximum. The maximum of human potential as expressed in individual and organisation performance. That’s the reason why I love coaching and consulting. That’s the reason I chose to call myself an Entrepreneur, Business Accelerator, and a Coach once I was on my own.

So here I am, joining the eternal journey. Exploring ways to support individuals and organisations explore and fulfill their maximum potential. While I start this journey, I am well aware that the true potential is unlimited and hence it’s going to be a never ending quest. Now, isn’t that what all of us want? To be on a never ending quest in life? I think so and this inspires me.

Looking Ahead

I will be sharing what I have learnt over the years about the exploring the maximum in various aspects of my life, most of which will be what I have tested and applied on myself. I will also share case studies where people around the world are involved in similar endeavours and causing great success. Finally, I also plan to share a live case study where I apply this work on real time basis.

Thanks for your time and see you in a few days with the next post in this series.

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  1. Great initiative Rajeev. Congratulations & Best Wishes…! I have seen you succeeding in the past and I am sure you will “explore the maximum” in this case too…!

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